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The Rhode Island Roofers

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Don't waste time searching for roofers in RI. We can handle all of your roofing services no matter what size, style, or level of complexity.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement in Rhode Island is a massive home improvement project. You don't want to waste time waiting around for a contractor that does things at their own pace. We stick to our initial timeframe promised.

Roof Repair

When you need a roof repair in Rhode Island, you have to take care of it right away. The longer you wait, the worse off you'll be. We have the human resources to send someone to your location fast!

Commercial Roofing

As someone in charge of business operations, you know how essential your property is to your profits. We do commercial roofing for all low slope and steep slope roofing. Schedule an inspection today.

Asphalt Shingles

Look around your town, and you'll quickly be able to tell that most buildings are topped with asphalt shingles. We have a variety of styles and colors to coordinate with your existing property.

Metal Roofing

If you're looking for a roof that will last two to five times longer than asphalt, then we want to discuss your metal roofing in Rhode Island options with you. It's a more substantial investment, but it pays for itself in durability.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing in Rhode Island is what many of our valuable customers are choosing when they're tired of replacing asphalt shingles. It is more pliable, durable, and completely waterproof to protect your home.

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Before signing a contract with other roofers in RI, discover why The Rhode Island Roofers are your best choice for all of your roofing services.
amazing roofing installation by the RI Roofers

Affordable& Efficient Roof Replacement in Rhode Island

Did you know that your roof is your number one line of defense to keep your property structurally sound? It does more than keep the rain out of your house. It keeps all outside elements away, and it keeps your foundation from becoming damaged as well. If yours is more than ten years old, our roofers in RI want to come and do an evaluation. It could be time for a roof replacement in Rhode Island. You can trust that we will give you honest answers and several options to suit your needs and your budget. With a new roof, you will have peace of mind that your family, your belongings, and your property are safe. A new roof also increases the value of your home and improves curb appeal. You really have nothing to lose!
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Roof Repair in Rhode Island Done Right When You Need It

Have you started to notice missing shingles from the top of your house? Perhaps there are just a few broken ones up there that you've spotted and several others that are losing their granules. When you start to see these issues, you need to get a roof repair in Rhode Island as soon as possible. Each of the situations mentioned make your property vulnerable to more extensive damages. The Rhode Island Roofers know how essential it is to fix your roof to keep you protected from water damage, mold growth, and other concerns. That's why we send someone out right away to get started. Call today to schedule your appointment!
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roofers and roofing contractor in rhode island
roofing contractor inspecting roof with the Rhode Island roofers in RI

Dependable Commercial Roofing in Rhode Island

You know, as someone that's trying to operate a business that any complications that come your way are only going to make your life that much more difficult. You don't have the time or patience in your life right now, or ever, to deal with another obstacle. We want you to be able to focus on your company, not your roof. We do commercial roofing in Rhode Island efficiently, and we always show up on time. We know that getting roofing service in Rhode Island can disrupt your operations, so we move quickly to avoid as much of that as possible. You can rest assured that our roofers in RI will stay on task until the job is done. Your focus can remain where it needs to be within your business operations while we take care of the roof. Get started today with a FREE estimate!
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The Best Rhode Island Roofing Products On the Market

When you go shopping, it's easy to see that there are superior products, mid-grade options, and then those that are lower quality but more affordable. Some roofers in RI will use those more inferior quality products and charge unsuspecting homeowners for the most expensive ones. We don't believe in taking money from our customers and fellow community members dishonestly. We use the best roofing products available in Rhode Island and keep our prices competitive. The Rhode Island Roofers might not be the cheapest, but we always deliver the best results. Call us now to discuss our vast selection for asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and rubber roofing.
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RI roofers working on roof repair in Rhode Island
asphalt shingles installed by our roofers in RI Rhode Island

Your Local Roofers in RI Are Ready to Serve You!

There are a lot of roofers in RI. You may even see roofing companies from around the country come in after a storm or during peak home improvement season. These guys don't care about you or your project. All they want to do is slap on a roof replacement or do your roof repair and take off with your cash to the next region. Then, in the event of something happening to your new roofing service, there's nobody for you to contact. We're a locally owned and operated roofing company in Rhode Island, so we're not going anywhere. If something goes wrong with your roof system after we leave, you can call us back out to take a look. We stand behind everything we do, and we will make it right without charging you a dime.


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When water was literally leaking on my head after a storm, I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I called The Rhode Island Roofers! They were on the scene in no time, knew exactly what the problem was, and offered great suggestions (and prices) for both repairs and replacement. Went with a new roof and couldn't be happier. Thank you!



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