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Rubber Roofing in Rhode Island – Is It Your Best Option?

Rubber Roofing in Rhode Island - It's Time You Know!

Most homeowners haven't heard about rubber roofing in Rhode Island just yet, but now it's time. There are a plethora of benefits to having a rubber roof versus one of the more traditional options, including cost, durability, ease of installation, and practically no maintenance or repair requirements. The biggest issue that people seem to have is that it has to be put in by a licensed installer. 

The Rhode Island Roofers are here to be that for you! We're excited to discuss your options for this state-of-the-art roofing option, so give us a call today!
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Rubber Roofing in Rhode Island is Your Most Affordable Option

When you need to do a significant home improvement renovation like a new roof replacement in Rhode Island, the cost is always a constituent. In Rhode Island, rubber roofing is your most affordable option. Why? There are several points to consider that keep the price low. First of all, the material itself is cheaper to purchase. Secondly, the lightweight material makes the installation easier. In return, you save on labor costs because it doesn't take as long. Finally, repairs and maintenance are usually non-existent, and if you do need something like a simple roof repair in Rhode Island, those are cheap too. They often require some reasonably priced liquid rubber or special tape to make a quick fix. Find out exactly what it would cost for your property by calling us today for a FREE quote!
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Your New Rubber Roofing in Rhode Island Will Last

We've talked about the durability of rubber roofing in Rhode Island. Did you know that many of the roofs installed with rubber in the 1970s are still functioning like brand new? You might have to repaint the surface every decade or so to freshen up the look, but the integrity is never compromised. You can relax knowing that your roof will keep your home structurally protected for the length of time you live in your home, no matter how long that is! And, if it is installed by roofers in Rhode Island that know what they are doing, there is a good chance the roof can last indefinitely!
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Let's Go Over Your Options for Rubber Roofing Today

Our roofing company in Rhode Island is standing by eager to discuss everything about rubber roofing with you. We have the knowledge and experience to answer all of your questions so that you can feel comfortable in making your decision. From durability and cost to the energy-efficiency and fire resistance, it's no wonder more people are turning to rubber for their homes. You'll even feel good knowing you made the most environmentally safe choice because it's all 100% recyclable. You have nothing to lose, so get the process started by filling out our online quote request form or, for more immediate service, call us!


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When water was literally leaking on my head after a storm, I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I called The Rhode Island Roofers! They were on the scene in no time, knew exactly what the problem was, and offered great suggestions (and prices) for both repairs and replacement. Went with a new roof and couldn't be happier!
- Sandra Owens

Learn About Our Extensive Line of Roofing Services in Rhode Island!

Other roofing companies in Rhode Island only specialize in one or two areas of the industry. Maybe they only do residential roofs, or perhaps installations are all the contractors will accept instead of offering repairs as well. The Rhode Island Roofers do it all, and do roofing everywhere in the state! After we come to your location once, you'll have no hesitations calling us back for everything you want. You'll know that your satisfaction is always our top priority!

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