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Roof Replacement in Rhode Island That’s GUARANTEED!

The Most Convenient Roof Replacement Rhode Island Offers

Have you been putting off your roof replacement? It's common for us to hear that from homeowners. The main reason is that they don't want their lives to be disrupted while the work is being completed. 

We don't want to do that to you either. That's why we work with you to find a time that's best with your existing schedule. After we come to your home and do a roofing inspection, you will be provided with a detailed estimate of the cost, including an outline of materials and a time frame for completion. 

Then we leave you to decide what you want to do. There's no obligation, and we won't pressure you. It's your home, and you're in charge of what happens with it. 
finished roof replacement in rhode island
roof replacement in rhode island

Roof Replacement - Is It Time?

You might be thinking that it's time for a roof replacement, but unless you have knowledge in roofing systems, you're probably not 100% sure. There are some signs to watch out for that are clear indicators that this is a service you should start thinking about planning and budgeting for. If you notice any of these issues with your existing roof, get in touch with us right away.

- One or more spots where water is leaking in
- Cracked, curled, missing, or worn down asphalt shingles
- Mold or moss growing on the surface of the roof
- Roof decking that is stained or sagging
- Stains and streaks on the exterior walls of the building
- Flashing that is loose or missing around chimneys or vents

Our certified roofing contractors use this comprehensive checklist to give you a better idea of whether or not it's time for a roof replacement. If you have any questions about our findings, don't hesitate to ask. That's what we're here for!
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Honest Answers Replacing Your Roof

It's unfortunate, but there are plenty of dishonest roofing contractors in Rhode Island that are only out to make as much money as possible. They disregard what kind of an investment this is because they want to collect the cash. 

Other roofing companies in RI will tell you that you need a new roof when you still have several years of use left in what's there. The Rhode Island Roofers is a team of people with values higher than that. We won't tell you that you need a brand new roof if we can fix your current issues with a simple repair. 

However, if we do let you know that a roof replacement is required, you can believe it's time. Our team of RI roofers will give you a list of customized options suitable for your home and your budget.
asphalt shingles in Rhode Island
roofing contractor in Rhode Island

Roofers That Put You First

After doing so many roof replacements and working with a variety of people, we know how stressful this kind of home improvement project can be. We don't want to overwhelm you. 

You can trust that we will thoroughly explain every aspect of our roofing service in a way that you can understand. We will take the time necessary, however long that is, to answer your questions and make sure that you're comfortable with the work being completed on your home. 

Additionally, we will never tack on extra services or hidden charges without first letting you know what kind of unexpected situation we've come across. All of our roofers in Rhode Island treat everyone we meet with respect. We even clean up every bit of our mess so that you're not left to deal with it. 

You'll have more than a great looking roof when we're through. You'll have a solid relationship with the best roofing company in the business!


See what our customers have to say:
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When water was literally leaking on my head after a storm, I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I called The Rhode Island Roofers! They were on the scene in no time, knew exactly what the problem was, and offered great suggestions (and prices) for both repairs and replacement. Went with a new roof and couldn't be happier!
- Sandra Owens

We Have The Best Roofing Contractors in the State!

Your new roofing installation is only going to be as good as the methods and roofing materials used to complete it. We have highly-trained roofing contractors on our team that know what to do with every style of residential roofing. There's no job that's too big or too small for us to take care of, and we service all of Rhode Island. Rest assured we only use the best roofing materials.

With the years of experience we have, you're GUARANTEED a finished roof installation that will go beyond all of your expectations. Stop putting this roofing project off and call now with a roof inspection from a roofing contractor you can trust. We work on both commercial and residential properties for all roofing services! FREE roof inspections available for a limited time. Get your new roof from a company you can trust.

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