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When Your Home Needs a Roof Inspection in Rhode Island

April 17, 2020

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When was the last time you scheduled a roof inspection in Rhode Island for your home? If the answer is never, or if you can’t remember the last time a roofing contractor was on your home’s roof, it’s probably time to call a local roofing company!

No matter the roof inspection Rhode Island costs, this work is an excellent investment in your home’s overall condition. A roof does more than cover the top of your home; roofs insulate interior spaces and help disperse the weight of a house, keeping it from shifting and settling. A roof in disrepair increases the risk of interior water leaks and resultant mold growth, allows for trapped heat and humidity in the home in Providence RI, and detracts from your property’s curb appeal!

roof inspection rhode island

Before you go another day or, worse yet, another year without a roof inspection for a Rhode Island home by expert roofing contractors, you might note some reasons why this is such a vital service even for newer roofs and those that appear to be in good repair. You might also note some subtle signs of needed roof repairs or new roof installation for a Rhode Island home, so you know to schedule this work quickly and ensure your home is always in good condition.

Why Your Home Needs a Rhode Island Roof Inspection

Homeowners in Providence RI often don’t realize the many materials used to create a home’s roof or know how to spot damage along a roof’s surface, a chimney stack, vents, dormers, and other such spaces. A roofing contractor in Rhode Island ensures a thorough inspection of all these materials and knows the signs of needed repairs, beyond missing shingles and other obvious damage.

One material needing roof inspection services regularly is flashing. Roof flashing refers to metal sheets installed between shingles and a chimney stack or dormer or other such obstructions. Flashing installed by roofing contractors protects those trenches from water buildup and other damage while also encouraging water to run off the roof and into nearby gutters.

Tears, holes, cracks, and other damage along flashing allows water to seep under shingles and tiles. Chimney stacks also absorb standing water, leading to softened and cracked brick. A Rhode Island roofing contractor inspects flashing thoroughly, recommending repairs or replacement as needed.

roof repair rhode island

Roofing underlayment, or the material right under shingles and tiles, provides added insulation and a secure base for shingles. This underlayment might also suffer tears, holes, and other damage and need eventual replacing.

A roof contractor in Rhode Island also inspects decking for signs of damage or weakening. Ignoring damaged decking increases the risk of a roof collapse but, since this material is underneath shingles and underlayment, it’s easy for a homeowner to overlook signs of needed repairs! A roofing inspector notes sagging or discolored areas or other indications of needed decking repairs.

When Should You Schedule Roof Inspection in Rhode Island?

Experienced roofing contractors know that storms are often harsh on a home’s roof! No matter a roof age or condition, schedule an inspection after a particularly stormy season, or if your home has been through a storm with high winds, torrential rain, or hail. It’s also vital to schedule a roof inspection in Rhode Island with qualified roofing contractors if you suspect a lightning strike, even if you don’t notice resultant damage.

An older roof needs regular inspections, as shingles and tiles tend to deteriorate with age. However, don’t assume that a new roof doesn’t need regular inspections simply due to its age! Poor-quality installation or low-quality materials increase the risk of damage for a new roof, so consider an inspection even if your home’s roof is only a few years old.

Other than after stormy seasons and for older roofs, you might schedule roof inspections every other year or every three years. You then have a chance to schedule needed repairs before they become more extensive and before your home suffers interior water leaks, mold, and other such damage.

Signs of Needed Repairs or New Roof Installation in Rhode Island

While a regular roof inspections are vital for any home, it’s also recommended that you schedule an inspection if you note signs of needed roof repairs in Rhode Island. Missing shingles and sagging areas are not the only signs to note, however; there are many other indications that your home needs repairs or even a new roof altogether.

An uncomfortable interior environment might signal the need for roof repairs or a new roof installation with trained roofing contractors! Roofing materials insulate a home’s interior spaces; excess heat, humidity, and cold drafts might be coming in from gaps and cracks along a roofing surface. Those cracks and gaps also let out interior heating and cooling so you might notice your furnace and air conditioner cycling on more often, all of which means it’s time for roof inspection services.

roofing repair contractor in Providence

Misshapen shingles in Providence RI also indicate needed roof repairs. As shingles absorb water or become dry and brittle, they tend to curl or buckle. You might also notice shingle granules in a home’s gutters or along your lawn, and those worn and bare shingles then need replacing.

Do You Need Repairs or a Roof Installation in Rhode Island?

In some cases, needed roof repairs in Rhode Island are so costly that a homeowner might as well opt for a new roof installation instead. Otherwise, you might note a roof’s age and if it would be recommended to invest in a new roof that will last several years if not decades, rather than having to make consistent repairs to an older roof.

Today’s roofing materials including metal sheets and concrete tiles also offer added insulation for a home, creating a more comfortable interior environment while decreasing your energy bills. A new roof also enhances your home’s curb appeal, improving its appearance in an instant!

A roof inspection in Rhode Island might also note reasons for needed damage, indicating that a roof replacement might be a better option for your home. For instance, low-quality shingles might not stand up to Providence RI changing weather and harsh winter snows, so investing in a new, high-quality roof ensures fewer repairs and less risk of interior water damage over the years.

The Rhode Island Roofers have a roof inspection in Rhode Island ready to serve you! Reach out us to set up an initial consultation. It’s free, and there’s no obligation.

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