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Anticipated Costs for a Rhode Island Roof Replacement

September 19, 2020

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No matter your costs for a Rhode Island roof replacement, you never want to put off this work once your home or business needs a new roof! A structure’s roof protects the framework from water damage while also insulating interior spaces. The roof is also part of what holds up a structure, helping to disperse its weight across its width!

While a solid roof in good repair is vital for a home or commercial building, many property owners put off needed replacement simply because they’re concerned over the cost. To help you better budget for this work and ensure you know to schedule it as needed, consider some added details about your potential costs for a Rhode Island roof replacement.

What is the Average Cost for a Rhode Island Roof Replacement?

Most Rhode Island roof repair contractors charge by the square foot rather than a flat fee and will adjust those charges according to the number of dormers and other obstructions, if the roof needs new decking and other structural repairs or just shingle replacement, and if it needs added services such as algae removal. Your chosen shingle or tile also affects new roof replacement costs for a Rhode Island structure.

roof repair rhode island

On average, costs for a Rhode Island roof replacement might run between $5.30 and $7.30 per square foot, or $5300 to $7300 for every 1000 square feet of roof space. If you’re unsure of your home’s roof size, note that it’s often about 100 square feet larger than the livable space directly below; in other words, if one story of your house is 1000 square feet, your roof is probably about 1100 square feet.

Can You Add New Shingles Over Old for a Rhode Island Roof Replacement?

One way to reduce your Rhode Island roof replacement cost is by adding new shingles or other roofing materials over existing shingles or tiles, saving the cost and mess of a roof tear-off. While this might be an option for your home, note that local building codes usually limit the number of roofing layers allowed.

Note, too, that shingles are especially heavy; adding extra layers of shingles over existing roofing material puts undue weight and pressure on roof decking and a home’s framing. If that framework or decking is in poor condition or old and worn, it might not be recommended that you add more layers of shingles or other materials. Those materials might also provide a poor foundation or base for nails and other connectors.

It’s also recommended that old and worn decking, joists, and other structural parts of a roof be replaced as needed. If those parts are old and worn, not only should you avoid adding more heavy layers of roofing materials to them but you should also consider simply replacing them, to reduce the risk of sagging, roof leaks, and other serious damage.

Don’t Reduce Rhode Island Roof Replacement Costs With DIY Repairs!

Homeowners are often tempted to reduce their Rhode Island roof replacement costs by managing this job themselves. It is true that you might save up to half of your expected costs with DIY roof repairs, but your anticipated cost savings shouldn’t be the only concern when it comes to a new roof!

roof replacement rhode island

One important reason to rely on a roofing repair contractor in Rhode Island for your home or business is that he or she will perform a full inspection before repairs or reroofing. A trained, experienced contractor is typically more skilled at finding damaged decking, framework, flashing, and other such materials and surfaces, ensuring thorough repairs that protect your  home.

Roof repairs and replacement should also be done according to local building codes, to avoid fines from your city or county and to ensure you can sell your home if you should ever decide to put it on the market! Warranties for new shingles or other roofing materials might also hinge on professional installation; DIY repairs might void those warranties so you can’t get materials replaced if needed.

Homeowners especially should do well to consider the dangers of being on a roof, and especially when trying to lift heavy buckets of shingles or bend and stoop to nail those on a roof. Even experienced roofers sometimes suffer dangerous falls from a roof or ladder, often resulting in serious injury. Keep yourself safe on the ground by investing in professional Rhode Island roof replacement costs!

Signs That It’s Time for a Roof Replacement in Rhode Island

In addition to wanting to avoid Rhode Island roof replacement costs, some property owners neglect needed reroofing because they don’t realize their home or business needs a new roof! Never wait until a roof sags or outright collapses before scheduling repairs or replacement, so you avoid otherwise unnecessary repair and replacement costs.

One sure sign that it’s time for a roof replacement in Rhode Island is an uneven roof, as shingles and tiles should lie flat against each other. When roofing materials dry up or suffer water damage, they might curl, shrink, or pull away from the roof. If you notice uneven shingle or tile rows, and especially if those materials tend to bubble or lift, it’s time for a roof replacement in Rhode Island.

TPO roofing in Rhode Island replacement

As a home’s roof helps support the structure, a house or building with a damaged, weak roof might settle and shift in one direction or another. In turn, you might see cracks along interior walls or ceilings. You might also notice gaps along the tops of walls or sense that the floors are uneven underfoot; tile might even buckle and pull away from each other and its underlying grout.

A structure’s roof also insulates its interior, as said. If you notice a drafty feeling during wintertime or a warm and stuffy interior during summertime, this might indicate roof leaks, holes, worn and thin shingles, and other such damage. Repairs patch up those holes and provide a high-quality roof that helps block outside heat and cold. Your costs for a Rhode Island roof replacement are worth it when it means having a comfortable interior environment and lowering your utility costs. Plus, if you hire your local Rhode Island Roofers, we’re the most affordable company on the market.


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